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Going Bananas - Part 1

Like many nights, my husband and I get home from work and discuss our day around the dinner table. This night in particular was a special one. Jared had just finished up a whirlwind of an inaugural baseball season with the Savannah Bananas where he serves as team president. After the success of the first season, Jared would often share the big ideas that he, and owners Jesse and Emily Cole, had about making season two even better. With the waitlist long for fans wanting more VIP seating, the topic came up to build a more exclusive section in the stadium. We frequently discuss ideas about the baseball team and stadium, but this idea was something that he and the rest of the team thought could really work. I really began to envision what Jared and the staff wanted to bring to Grayson Stadium-an exclusive stadium club. It wasn’t long after the conversation about this stadium club started that I grabbed a notepad and some graph paper. Jared is very left brained while I am extremely right brained, hence the reason he went to school for sport management and I went to school for interior design. We’re totally opposite! Immediately, I started sketching his ideas, bringing the logical needs of this stadium club to life… a rough draft, chicken scratch kind of life. Hey, ideas have to start somewhere! Somehow during the conversation, Jared asked me, “If this stadium club idea takes off, what do you think of helping us out on some renders to give us a visual of what it would look like?” It started out as simple renders, but turned into a full blown design project. I cannot even begin to express how exciting and fun this project was for me! Now, we wait for the finished product and work out the last minute details before opening day.

Installation begins next week and I’m anxious to share with you the design progress as we continue!

To learn more about this project, please visit: Savannah Bananas: Savannah Bananas Unveil ABR Stadium Club for 2017 Ballpark Digest: Savannah Bananas to Add ABR Stadium Club

Savannah Now: Savannah Bananas to Add ABR Stadium Club for 2017

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