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Going Bananas: Part 2

Click HERE to read "Going Bananas - Part 1".

The decision had been made. After many talks between Jared, Emily, Jesse, and the City of Savannah, GA, the decision to proceed with the Savannah Bananas ABR Stadium Club had commenced.

Now came the fun part - mood boards (After boring talks of budget, measure checks, and such!). What was the vibe that we wanted to bring to the stadium club members? How would this club be the perfect representation of The Savannah Bananas? After doing some research about the City of Savannah, Grayson Stadium, and getting to fully understand the heartbeat of Fans First Entertainment and The Savannah Bananas, I had a few ideas in mind...

Choice One: Historical Savannah

If you have ever been to Savannah, you will quickly see that this city is full of such an adorable southern charm, rooted in history. The horse drawn carriage rides, the Spanish moss hanging over the squares of downtown, the historical markers, and attention to detail are just a few of the things that give Savannah such a romantic flair. Option one would play up that flair and really highlight the charm of this historical city.

Historical Savannah One

Historical Savannah Two

Option Two: Banana Boys

Fans first. Entertain always. This is the motto of Fans First Entertainment, deemed by owners of the Savannah Bananas, Jesse and Emily Cole. One of the most entertaining aspects of any Bananas game is the Banana Boys. Each game, the Banana Boys take the field to show off their dance moves for the fans. The crowd goes wild! This option was to play off the fun vibe that the Bananas bring to their fans each and every game.

Banana Boys One

Banana Boys Two

Option Three: Classic Baseball Option three opted for a look at Grayson Stadium itself. It's past, present, and future. This option would celebrate the history that was made in this grand stadium from parades, presidential speeches, football games, baseball games, and everything in between! If only the walls of this stadium could talk, I'm sure Grayson would have never ending stories.

Classic Baseball One

Classic Baseball Two

After some great discussion, the feeling was mutual between everyone. We felt that option three was the perfect way to honor the city, and honor the past, present, and future of Grayson Stadium. Jared and I began to work with the City of Savannah to find photos of historical events that took place at Grayson Stadium, I began the search to find fixtures and finishes that had a vintage and classic vibe, and we pulled from a great assortment of photos from our team photographer Malcolm Tully to find photos that showcase the present and future of the ballpark -- The Savannah Bananas. NOTE: Photos represented in mood boards are not the property of Tennyson Studio. Photos were pulled purely for inspiration. Game day photos provided by MT Photography. Historic Grayson Stadium photos provided by the City of Savannah.

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