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4 Ways to Hang Gallery Walls

Wall art can be a tricky thing to figure out. Gallery walls seem to be a guessing game, leaving you with tons of holes in the wrong places and a wall that looks like a mess. Here are four ways to hang a gallery wall, along with some of my favorite items that I use in my installs and sources for frames and art.

Other Tips:

Here are the basic tools you will need to hang wall art properly. But if there was one item that's not a must, but will save you so much time and headache, especially with symmetrical hanging, this Bosch laser level and tripod has been SUCH a life saver!

Another tip that I wish I discovered earlier was using painters tape to hang up large pieces of builder's paper to mark where my art pieces were going to be hung. This way, the walls won't get scratched during the install process. Once all of your nails and/or screws are placed, simply rip off for a clean look!

Looking for more inspiration? Head on over to my Pinterest page to see more!

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