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5 Aesthetically Pleasing Kid Items for Your Home

When I was pregnant, my husband and I wanted to make it a point that our home wasn't going to be overflowing with toys. Hear me out on this... I'm not saying that Collins doesn't have brightly colored toys, or that we never buy her anything but items that are perfectly coordinated to the color palate of out home, but we wanted our home to still feel like, well, home and not a toy factory busting at the seems. I spent hours researching different baby products to find things that would either contain the clutter, or that would fit into the décor of our home, and still have a justifiable price point. So below I have compiled some of my favorite finds for your littles. Whether you're a new mama starting her registry, or have a few years of parenthood under your belt, here are some of my favorite kid's products that can add to the aesthetic of your home, not take away.

  1. High Chair-- this was a BIG one for me. For the amount of years this large piece of furniture was going to take space in our home, I wanted it to feel like it belonged. After researching a ton of different options, I came across the Stokee Trip Trapp. Y'all... I cannot say enough amazing things about this high chair. Is the price point higher than a standard high chair? Yes. But it is also lower than a lot of others. Its footrest offers added support to your child during eating, adjustable heights to grow with baby into childhood, removable tray for easy cleaning (sold separately) , and more. This is one is probably my favorite item we have for Collins.

  2. Let's Talk Toys-- Does Collins have plastic toys? Yes. But do we also try to make greener choices? Absolutely. That's why I love Smiling Tree Toys. This was a brand that was suggested to me by a friend. With toys that spark creativity, are friendlier to the planet, and last longer than mass produced plastic toys, Smiling Tree Toys is a fantastic resource for those looking to fill toy shelves with some decorative flair that are perfect for playtime. Some of our other favorite places to shop for toys are: Mushie, Rose & Rex, Maisonette, Cuddle and Kind

  3. Swings-- In Savannah, we have lots of warm days. Mix that in with being stuck at home during a global pandemic, our family has spent a lot of time on our backyard patio. We wanted to get a swing for Collins, but most of the swings that I saw didn't go with our patio furniture. I didn't want a brightly colored plastic eyesore in our backyard, so I started to search for something that was outdoor friendly, and that was pleasing to the eye. I came across Monkey & Mouse and found the most adorable sustainable swing for outside.

  4. Lounge Time-- Anyone that's on Instagram has more than likely seen an ad for Gathre. These leather made goods are absolutely stunning additions to any home decor. And the best part? Even after childhood, their items can still be used around your home. I think one of the biggest pain points for makers of baby and kid products is that everything looks so juvenile. With Gathre, you can still have comfortable places to sit for reading time, a comfortable mat for tummy time, or a mat to gather spills from the high chair, with it all still looking like is was designed for your space. Another great place to find comfortable lounge options are: Surya through Tennyson Studio

  5. Play Mats-- Any parent will tell you that you will spend an immeasurable amount of time on the floor playing with your child. While some parents opt for rugs, others are searching for a more stain-resistant option for when playtime is messy and snacks are dropped. That's where play mats come in handy. With brands such as House of Noa, you can still have that look and comfort of a rug, but have an easily wipeable surface. Their patterns have gorgeous vintage bohemian flair perfect for all kids. Other places to find play mats are: Ruggish, Monomat, and ToddleKind

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