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E-Design Q & A!

I am BEYOND excited to share this amazing E-Design project with you all! I was recently able to work with Ainsley and Ace, the most adorable couple from Winston-Salem, NC. They both wanted their kitchen and dining room to be a blend of Mid-Century Modern meets 70's vibe meets El Techo, Ainsley’s favorite restaurant in Philadelphia. A fun triad of inspiration that turned into such a cool space!

"I love how you've captured our style and added to it in a way I wouldn't have ever thought of!...YOU NAILED IT. Very excited. Thank you so so so much. " -Ainsley Quizon

Since sharing about Tennyson’s E-Design services, I have received some questions about the process, and wanted to provide clarity on what exactly the experience looks like…

The E-Design requires only 4 action steps to start the process:

1. An initial FaceTime call where we talk design style, target completion date, do a virtual walk through of the space, and to go over the project scope.

2. Next, I will need photos of the room.

3. Along with those photos, I will also need basic measurements of the space—length, width, and ceiling height. On rare occasions, more measurements may be needed if the room has an architectural feature that would greatly alter layout and design choices, such as columns.

4. And lastly, a shared Pinterest board created by myself in collaboration with you, where we really get to hone in on your likes, dislikes, and general style and needs. This is the really fun part!

Here’s where the design starts coming alive…

I will then present you with concept boards, with general color schemes, fabric, furniture, and accessory items, about two weeks after all 4 steps have been completed. These concept boards can be tweaked until you are happy with it! Once the concept board is approved, I'll then present you your shopping list that includes special discounts that are only available to my clients, and a to-scale 3D render of your space to get a realistic view of your room. Also know that at any time during the design process, I am just an email, text, or phone call away, happy to answer any questions you may have. I believe that if clients are trusting me with their home and budget, there should be clear communication throughout the whole process. I also don’t charge an hourly fee (yuck!) for E-Design, so you’ll never have to worry about getting billed to ask a question.


Q. Do I have to buy items for my room through you?

A. Absolutely not! You are in no way obligated to. But if you do decide to, you gain access to designer discounts!

Q. What if I have a question about how to hang artwork, lighting, or choosing paint?

A. No worries! I’ve compiled a ton of great resources from the pros to help answer all these questions under my “Insider Tips” board on Pinterest. If the answer to your question isn’t there, we’ll work to find one for you.

Q. How long does this process last?

A. You can expect to receive your concept boards from me within two weeks after I receive your photos and dimensions. When it comes to ordering the items for your room, that depends on the current lead times of the vendors.

Q. What if I’m not “in love” with the initial concept board?

A. Let me know! We will tweak until we have a perfect solution in place.

Q. Do I have to be ready to purchase and put my room together, or can this process for those that want to redesign at some point, but have no idea where to start?

A. Both! I’ve worked with clients that know exactly what they want and are ready to purchase items for their space, some that want a game plan but aren’t ready to purchase items for another few months, and some that have absolutely no idea what their style or budget is, but just need a place to start.

Q. What if I don’t need a full design, but just need some consultation and suggestions on my existing layout, decor, and space?

A. No problem! I also offer 1 hour consultations, to be used whenever you’d like. For example, our initial conversation may only be 40 minutes, but we can then use the extra 20 minutes at any other time of your choosing. If you still feel like you need a bigger game plan, we can then talk about E-Design. Also know that your consultation fee will be rolled over into your E-Design fee, so you’re not paying two separate fees!

As always, I’m here whenever you need me. Shoot me an email, a text, a DM on Instagram, or call me up if you have any questions at all. At the end of the day, my job is to help you, and for us to have fun turning your space into a true reflection of you and your family!

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