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Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and I’ve wrapped up 10 items dad is sure to love that don’t involve a new tool or grilling set.

1. Ballpark Blueprints – I gifted Jared one of these when the Braves were playing at Turner Field (RIP). If you’re looking for something for a dad that loves dad, but you’d like to avoid having a paper poster of his favorite player to the wall, this is a chic compromise. Comes in a variety of prints, canvases, and framed options, as well as other memorabilia. 2. Coffee Filter Holder- How did I not know these things existed until recently?! If dad’s coffee bar is lacking organization and flair, this smart solution would fit the bill.

3. Smeg Coffee Maker- Speaking of coffee, Smeg is known for its stylish appliances. With several colors to coordinate with dad’s space, he can make his favorite cup of coffee in style.

4. Paddywax Candle- I am a firm believer that dads need a bit of luxurious touches in their lives too. If you’ve been on the hunt for a more smokey scent, then this candle will transport dad into a leather-bound book study kind of mindset.

5. heyday Apple Watch Charging Stand- Functional and beautiful, this useful item would look perfect on dad’s nightstand or desk. The best part? It’s less than $10! 6. Frank Lloyd Wright Coffee Table Book- For the dad that appreciated good architecture and design, you can never go wrong with a book filled with the inspirational designs of Frank Lloyd Wright. It also doubles as gorgeous décor on the coffee table.

7. Italian Leather Desk Set- At home or at the office, this gorgeous leather desk set will elevate dad’s desk to the next level. Bonus points for the personalized monogram. 8. Liquor Decanter Label Tags- For the dad that is a collector of fine, or not so fine, liquors. Let him proudly display his collection on the home bar for all to see. And the labels are an easy way to see which is which if dad stores his spirits in decanters.

9. Decanter 3-Piece Gift Set- Speaking of decanters, this 3-piece set is perfect for the dad looking to upgrade his home bar from drinking our of plasticware to his own set of gorgeous old fashioned glasses. This is another item I gifted Jared a few years ago and uses ALL of the time!

10. Mini Basketball Hoop- For the dad that can’t get enough sports in the simple moments in life, this mini basketball hoop is for him. A true step up from the plastic one he had on his door growing up, this mini hoop will add a bit of fun to the home. A huge Happy Father’s Day to the three most wonderful men in my life, my husband Jared, my dad, and my father-in-law. You all love and serve well. I am beyond thankful to have you three in my life. Love you!

Steph Powell Creative

I also don’t want to shy over that Father’s Day can be a tough time for some. If you have recently lost a father figure, a husband, son, long to be a father, or have strained relationships with the father figure in your life, know that you are seen. Hoping this Father’s Day brings you some joy.

Xoxo, Kelsey

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