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Get Organized with Target

February is just around the corner (what?!) and in efforts to provide more helpful content for you all, I have been brainstorming tons of ideas to better serve you. One of those ways is to focus on a specific subject for content for each month, in between client projects. If you follow Tennyson Studio on Instagram, you will have seen that this month has been focused on getting your home in gear for the New Year with 5 points: 1. Purge 2. Clean 3. Figure out your design style 4. Make a plan and 5. Stick to the plan.

For this post in particular, we are going to focus on purging/organizing.

When it comes to organization and purging, there are so many fantastic sources for those topics by experts in those fields. In particular, I’m a big fan of Marie Kondo, The Home Edit, and Breathing Room Organization.

Both Marie Kondo and The Home Edit have specials on Netflix that are SO. GOOD. "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo" on Netflix was such a breath of fresh air. Marie has such a calming personality, and really helps her clients to remove their emotional attachment from clutter. For a "Reader's Digest" version of her KonMari Method, this article from Good Housekeeping is a great source to understand her way of organization and decluttering your home. And Clea and Joanna will make you laugh out loud with their sisterly-like banter in their Netflix special "Get Organized with The Home Edit." With every day clients to high profile celebrities, they show that organization really is possible for every one.

When I go onto Holly of Breathing Room Organization's Instagram page, I am instantly soothed at the gorgeous photos of her projects. She also chronicles her projects on her blog, so if you are looking for inspiration for any space, she has you covered.

And if you're looking for some of my favorite, affordable home organization options from Target, take a look below!

Tennyson's Favorite Target Organization Picks:

1. My favorite spice shelf. I can now see every spice we have without taking them all out! 2. Perfect to organize drawers with tiny baby items. These are similar to the ones we use in Collins's room. 3. Basket for throw blankets. Cute and functional. 4. If you're short on counterspace, adding a wall shelf will help add vertical storage. 5. Use every inch of space you have! Putting storage bags under your bed, hidden by a bed shirt is a great way to hide gift wrapping paper, baby toys, and more. 6. Utilizing vertical storage in our pantry has been a game changer with these shelves. 7. Glass canisters for beans, sugar, flour, and more 8. Fabric bins are great for closet storage, or playroom storage for kiddos arts and craft supplies. 9. Wall hooks are small, but really impactful ways to add vertical space, and display beautiful hats, coats, and bags. 10. These magazine bins were game changers when I was nursing Collins! I was able to neatly store my milk supply in the freezer by date. Additionally, I use these under our sinks to sort cleaning and beauty supplies.

For more organization inspiration, make sure to head to Tennyson's Pinterest, as well as find additional resources on my Instagram.

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