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One Room Challenge: Week 2

Two weeks down, six to go! This week was filled with some great finds, and some design pivoting. Let me give you a run down...

Facebook Marketplace Win

If you have been following along on my Instagram @mytennysonstudio, you'll notice that I scored an AMAZING desk for this space. It was everything I have been wanting for this dual purpose space. The desk I had in this room was a desk that I've had since high school, and although it was still in fantastic shape, the storage was lacking, which is the biggest pain point I need to address in this room. I had been on the hunt for a better replacement and had even looked online at a few options, but all of the ones I found online were either made with cheap materials, or expensive with very little storage space. I also contemplated building a custom desk, but I didn't want to invest the money in something that was "permanent" to the home since Jared and I have been having discussions about ROI (return of investment) and selling our home in the somewhat near-ish future. After digging around on Facebook Marketplace, I realized a secretary type desk would be best suited for the space for a few reasons. 1. It added storage below which was needed, 2. when closed, this piece doesn't look like a desk which helps the room feel more like just a bedroom vs. an office and bedroom, and 3. an antique, solid wood piece would be something that Jared and I could transition with us into whatever home we lived in (I see the piece I found being used as a linen closet in a bathroom in the future). For a while, my Facebook Marketplace searches had run a bit dry. Pieces I loved had already sold, or some just weren't "the one." Until I stumbled across something that suited what I was looking for... plus more. Originally, I wasn't looking for a hutch, but once I found this piece, I knew it was the one. Traditional, with more straight lines to keep it fresh and updated, glass doors to break up the materials (although I have an idea for these doors in the upcoming weeks...), and it fit my GIANT computer monitor that I use with a dual screen, especially when working on client AutoCAD layouts and sourcing. I had originally planned to say, "See ya later!" to my monitor for a while, and either sell it or store it, but from a practicality standpoint, it really did need to stay.

Pickup was a breeze and the previous owners were gems! A couple, probably in their 70s, had already moved both the top and bottom pieces from their upstairs into their garage for us! I had already come prepared with our drill and furniture movers not knowing they had moved the pieces for us, but these people were a dream. Jared and I probably spent the majority of the time at pickup hearing the stories about this piece from the husband as he explained that they bought it years ago for $1800 at an antique store, how the shelves adjusted, the type of wood each part of the desk was made of, how its hundreds of years old, etc. Super, super thankful to have not only found a great piece, but previous owners that had loved it and saw so muck value in it. Also, shoutout to our friend Lizzy for watching Collins while we went to pick up. You da real MVP.

So I know what you all are thinking, "Ok Kelsey, what did you pay for it?!" Originally listed for $982, the wife dropped it to $550, and I offered $500. I sold my previous desk and chair for $300, and bought a chair from an auction for $50, so for chair and desk, I invested $250! Not too shabby in my opinion.

TIP: Key words I used when searching for this desk: Vintage Desk, Solid Wood Desk, Secretary, Secretary Desk, Fold Down Desk, Antique Desk-- When searching for anything on Marketplace, you need to keep in mind that some people know what they have, while others don't. There were plenty of secretary desks that I found that were marked as "Desk" or "Wood Desk" instead of "Secretary Desk." Search specifics, then be vague. Save anything that looks remotely like what you are looking for! The Facebook algorithm will take note and start showing you more of like items. I've heard this even works if you save items out of your area, meaning I could save some items in Las Vegas, Chicago, and Boston that are what I'm looking for, then when I set my pickup radius, it will search items like that in my location. Marketplace is hit or miss. Don't give up and keep checking daily!

Shoutout to my babe for using those muscles of his to help out.

A One-of-a-Kind Rug

I am still kicking myself for ALMOST not practicing what I preach. Let me explain... Starting out, I had planned to buy a rug to layer over the jute rug currently in the room with a highly popular "trending" rug. I won't share the name of the rug or the company, but it was a fairly standard, bargain rug that, in all aspects was beautiful, but the pattern was printed on the rug vs. woven, and I really prefer to stay away from trending pieces. I hate when I walk into a home and see something that everyone else has in their home. I feel that's a quick way for a space to become dated, and I believe each space deserves to be unique. Plus I knew with a bit more digging, I could find something of higher quality that was one-of-a-kind.

After a couple of days scouring my vendors, as well as eBay and Etsy, I came across a vintage Turkish rug that was BELOW the price of the other rug I was previously looking at, and was much higher in quality. This new rug looks nothing like the original rug I had in mind, but I honestly think it's such a better fit.

I share this to explain that with some digging in the right places, you can buy quality items. Don't just settle for cheaply, mass produced pieces to curate a beautiful home. Find something that will last longer, and that will be kinder to the environment since it is being reused. Don't sleep on eBay or Etsy. There are some fantastic vendors that have a whole world of rugs, or other items, for you to explore! A lot of these vendors offer free shipping, respond quickly to questions, and some may even offer additional discounts. It will take some more time to find the right one, but in the long run, you will be much happier.

Fingers crossed it is as beautiful in person as it is in the pictures!

Rug in my original concept to the left. Rug on order to the right.

The Bed-Stead

Once I had picked out the rug, I went ahead and made moves on some throw pillows and a throw blanket. Changing the rug actually made me change my color scheme a bit, especially with the bed décor, but I honestly believe it is going to be better than originally planned. Aside from new sheets, the duvet insert, a bed skirt needed to hide the stored items underneath, and figuring out what to do with the headboard, the bed is on it's way to being complete.


So that's week two for you. It may not sound like much, but one of the greatest investments in a design is sourcing. It takes a lot to carefully put together unique pieces that go together that aren't straight from a catalogue. Don't get me wrong, there are times and places to shop at big box stores, but I also firmly believe there is something magical about finding something so unique for your space to make it unique to your style. See you next week!


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