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One Room Challenge: Week 8... and 6 and 7

The reveal is here!... ok, so the reveal was about a week ago, but I am now getting around to post about it here on the blog. To view the recap of week 6 and 7 you can click on the links here - Week 6 IGTV, Week 7 IGTV

FYI: Links to all items listed at the bottom of the post!

For those of you just jumping in to this series, or wondering, "What the heck is a ORC?" Let me give you a quick recap... The One Room Challenge is a fun 6 week, adjusted to 8 weeks now because of the pandemic, where designers, or those just looking to flex their creative muscles to renovate a room in their home. As a designer, and as someone in DESPERATE need to update our guest bedroom that is also my home office, I thought this would be a fun challenge to be a part of!

Click here to see all of the guest participants reveals.

The Before

Click here - Week One to read the recap of the start of this process.

I mean, what even is this space?! After having Collins in 2019, this room became a catchall, and for someone that works from home, heck, someone that designs for a living, this space was an absolute nightmare! I have hated stepping foot in here because I knew I wanted to create something amazing, I wanted guests to feel welcomed, I wanted to have a space that was mine, but let's be honest, this room was pretty low on the list of things to do in our home, especially since having a toddler. But thankfully the room is complete and I cannot want to share the after photos with you!

The After

It's amazing what just a refresh can do to your space. I'll be honest, I was pretty nervous when week one rolled around and I saw some designers doing full blown demolition, busting down walls, and more! In my week one post, I talked about how I wanted to give this room a refresh, but I had to keep an end goal in mind. This is our starter home. Jared and I had already put in money to a new HVAC, new windows, a new backyard patio, and other smaller updates, so we needed to keep in mind that putting a lot of money into something we don't consider our home for the long term, in our neighborhood's market, just didn't make sense. Wallpaper was out of the question with the textured plaster walls, and the fan, although wouldn't have been a huge cost to replace, didn't seem worth it to replace for such a small scale update. But all of that to say, I am so in love with this space! And I believe this room was such a good reminder to myself that sometimes it's the little updates that can make space breathe new life.

New linens were a must. With the amount of times our families come to visit, I wanted a bed that was comfortable and beautiful. Since I wasn't doing wallpaper, I wanted the bed to be a focal point, as well as bringing in pattern on the floor with these gorgeous layered rugs.

I wanted a blend of old and new. The trunk was something I bought at a thrift store years ago and the bed headboard was spray painted (fingers crossed on the durability... will keep you updated). With older pieces, I felt like something new and more modern was needed to add to the space. When I found this wall sconce, I knew it was a winner.

I am SO happy with how this mix of patterns came out.

This secretary desk was exactly what I didn't know I needed. Originally, I was looking for a secretary without a hutch, but I just could not find what I was looking for. Finally I saw this and I felt in my gut that it was the right choice for the space. And a plus, it fits my computer monitor that I just assumed I would put in storage. Gut was right. Go with function. Function wins every time. I really need a secondary screen when working on AutoCad, Sketchup, and other programs for client projects. I was worried this piece would be too big for the space, but it ended up being perfect. I put temporary wallpaper on the glass of the hutch to hide the monitor. The idea is to repurpose this piece in, what I would love, our future master bath as towel storage and a makeup vanity.

This coat was a last minute addition. After an art piece I purchased for this wall turned out to not fit into this space, I knew function (sense a pattern here?) would have to come into play. Our guest/office closet is already pretty packed with Jared's suits, my wedding dress, and our winter jackets (which get use like 2 months out of the year thanks to Savannah heat), so I felt like adding a rack here for more guest storage would be helpful, and would break up the monotony of framed pieces or artwork. My parents actually came to visit us the day after the room was completed and my dad put the coat rack right to use!

The chair was one of the first items I purchased with the purpose of being used in this space. It was one of those "Holy cow this chair is so unique. I have to find out how to incorporate it whenever I redo the guest/office!" And here we are. An antique office chair from an auction, this chair was the starting point of it all. And it is beyond comfortable- praises.

The Items

Okay, okay, I know these are the details you're really looking for.

Bed: Thrift find sprayed with black metal paint. I'm pretty skeptical of certain cheap/quick fixes due to durability and longevity, so hopefully this will hold up. If you do ever need to get something metal painted, powder coating is the way to go to ensure a high quality finish and life.

Bed Sheets: Amazon Queen linen green is what we got. Looks to be out of stock, but keep your eye out if that is the size and color you are looking for. Really impressed with the feel and quality! 5/5

Duvet Cover and Shams: West Elm Purchased the Full/Queen and 2 standard shams in Cedar. A higher price point than other duvets not made out of linen, but I am in love with them. Happy with the breathability, especially in this heat, and casual look they bring to the space. 4.5/5

Lumbar Pillow Cover: MarigoldInteriors on Etsy 14"x24". Already owned down inserts. Photo online was, in my opinion, a great interpretation of true color (different screens read colors differently though). Love the gorgeous pattern, but wish the material was just a bit thicker. Wish there was lining behind the patterned side for extra durability, especially for the price point. 4/5

Red Accent Pillow Covers: MarigoldInteriors on Etsy 20"x20" Same thoughts on these covers as the lumbar. 4/5

Bed Skirt: Amazon Queen in black. I feel like the skirt would look cheap if it was a lighter color. Would not buy again, but serves its purpose in this space. You get what you pay for. 3/5

Chair: Rogers Auctioneers & Real Estate

Desk: Facebook Marketplace - "Vintage Secretary Desk" "Vintage Wood Desk" "Desk with Hutch" would be good phrases to use if you were on the look for something similar

Desk Wallpaper: Target Wallpaper is expensive, for good reason (quality, moisture resistance, durability, artistry, etc), and is typically sold by the double roll which was going to be way to much for me, and go to waste. Knowing the wallpaper was not a permanent solution, I knew I needed to find something cheap to get me through for the short term. Color looks lighter in person than it does on Target's website. I will say, I did not peel and stick. The glass on the hutch is original and did not want to damage it, so it is currently taped on the inside with painters tape. I hate that you can tell it's screen printed and not true grass cloth, but again, this is a temporary solution, and you can only tell when you look up close. For the price, 4/5

Trunk (End Table): Thrift store- search "steampunk trunk" for results online

Tray: Target LOVE this little tray. It's heavier than it appears and looks and feels high quality. 5/5

Vase: Waterford Crystal as a wedding present. 5/5

Brass Antique Cricket Box: Antique store, but you can find similar here.

Brass Antique Bell: Antique store, but you can find similar here.

Sconce: BootsNGus on Etsy Great customer service! They are now favorited on my Etsy. 5/5

Lightbulb: Target Since the sconce was transparent, I wanted a more vintage feeling bulb. This one is gorgeous! 5/5

Wall Tapestry: Sugarboo and Co. Easy to hang and such a unique piece. 5/5

Curtains: West Elm You get what you pay for with curtains. These ones are gorgeous! 5/5

Drapery Hardware: Amazon Did I mention you get what you pay for? Wishing I splurged on something higher quality, especially since my drapery is heavier since it is a worn velvet. It serves it's purpose though. If you have something more lightweight, this would be a good option. 3/5

Coat Rack: Target A great rack at a great price. Would purchase again. 5/5

Jute Rug: Pacific_Home on eBay Inventory is always changing. They sell damaged rug for a fraction of the cost. This jute rug had some "picks" but you can't even tell! I, as well as friends, have ordered through them and have had great experiences! Just make sure to check the photos and description so you know what condition you are getting. 5/5

Turkish Rug: TurksihRugSilkRoad on Etsy Each item is one of a kind. Would definitely purchase from their shop again. 5/5

Paint: Accessible Beige from Sherwin Williams

Thank y'all for following along! I hope you love this room as much as I do!

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