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Pretty Ugly: Laundry

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone complain about doing laundry... I get it, it's a big task. But I also believe that if our laundry rooms were more functional and more beautiful, it would make that task just a bit easier.

  1. Laundry Baskets After many handles breaking off of my plastic baskets, and loosing valuable storage space in my laundry room, I've decided to go higher quality, and more compact. We've had the CleverMade collapsible laundry basket for a few years now, and it has yet to show signs of wear.

  1. Charcoal/Gray 2 Pack Collapsible Hamper by CleverMade

  2. Denim 2 Pack Collapsible Hamper by CleverMade

  3. Mocha 2 Pack Collapsible Hamper by CleverMade

2. Dryer Balls In an effort to eliminate as many toxins from our home as possible (baby steps...), we switched to wool dryer balls and they have been a game changer! We've noticed shorter drying times, and can customize fragrances by adding essential oils to them during the fluff cycle.

Wool Dryer Balls

3. Fabric Aids If you have beautiful detergent and sprays, why keep them hidden?! Here are some of my personal favorite laundry detergents and sprays that are equally effective and beautiful.

  1. The Laundress Fabric Fresh- Our go-to when out laundry needs just a small scent booster in between washes

  2. The Laundress Sport Detergent- The only detergent I have found to freshen up Jared's summer work clothes!

  3. The Laundress Signature Detergent- Love the subtle fresh scent, and the fact that I can also display it right next to our washer.

4. Laundry Tools Sometimes laundry requires a big of elbow grease. Consider displaying some beautiful laundry tools in a glass jar near your washer for easy access.

  1. The Laundress Sweater Stone- Sweater weather is upon us! Make sure your sweaters are de-pilled for fresh wear.

  2. The Laundress Sweater Comb- A great, portable option for de-pilling your clothes.

  3. The Laundress Stain Brush- Having a stain brush has been a staple in our laundry room to help give stubborn stains and extra lift.

5. Dryer Rack I'm a firm believer that every laundry room needs a dryer rack! Delicates, athletic wear, wool sweaters... there are just some things that aren't meant to go in the dryer.

  1. Black Metal Drying Rack- This is what we have in our laundry room! It's small, but works for our family of three. Rails on the top to lay out leggings, and hooks below to hang other delicates.

  2. White Fold-Up Rack- I absolutely love how custom this looks!

  3. White and Natural Fold-Up Rack- The wood detail on this is super pretty! The open back is screaming to be installed in a laundry room with gorgeous wallpaper.

6. Spray Bottles Whether you're tired of looking at your ugly plastic containers, order in bulk and need a smaller container, or make your own cleaners, consider a gorgeous glass bottle.

  1. Clear Glass Spray Bottles- Love the different colors to differentiate what is in each one.

  2. Amber Glass Spray Bottles- Have these, LOVE these!

  3. Amber Glass Bottle with Sleeve- I love the protective sleeve on this.

7. Lint Bin Another laundry room must! I recently switched out our floor bin to a magnetic one that is attached to our dryer. It has saved floor space and is super easy to get to since it is attached to the machine.

  1. Woven Waste Basket- If you're looking at going a more traditional trash can route, consider a smaller waste basket just for lint.

  2. Cream Lint Bin- Absolutely in love with with this cream color. Would be perfect on a shelf.

  3. Magnetic Lint Bin- I'm not typically into words on items, but I just purchased this for our laundry room. Our space is tight, so I wanted it to be clear that this bin was for lint and nothing else.

8. Iron and Dry Cleaning Baskets I don't know about you, but in my home, there are three types of clothes: 1. Those that get folded, 2. those that need to be ironed, and 3. those that need to go to the dry cleaner. Instead of having piles of unfolded laundry on top of our machines, I can pop them into their basket to grab when it's time to iron, or time to drop clothes off with the cleaner. Super functional and eliminates the eye sore of piles of clothes.

  1. XXXL Basket- Just about the size of a dryer! Perfect for large families, or if you have a lot of ironing. Also great to grab and go to take to the dry cleaner.

  2. Set of Two Baskets- Absolutely love these! Such a classic pair.

  3. Large Seagrass Basket- A splurge but holy. cow. She's a beauty! This one will not be hiding in your laundry room.

9. Laundry Hamper If your hamper is out, my rule is that it is a part of the design. Make this choice matter!

  1. Black Bamboo Hamper- Simple, classic, sleek.

  2. Black Lace Hamper- Just purchased two of these for our laundry room. Our laundry room is right off of our kitchen, so we constantly have wet kitchen towels from cooking and cleaning. The plastic keeps the hamper from molding, the lace detail is super unique, and the holes keep it ventilated.

  3. Classic Rolling Cart- A timeless option

  4. Seville Classic Rolling Cart- Another timeless option

  5. Dual Rolling Cart- If you're looking for a way to add color, or a way to start separating your clothes before wash day, this is a great option.

  6. Round Laundry Cart- Love the option of adding something round to break up all of the lines from the washer and dryer.

10. Dryer Vent Brush Add to your home maintenance list to clean those vents! An ugly job, but it's got to get done. A short brush is great for routine cleaning, but make sure it is also getting a deep clean all the way through.

Dryer Vent Brush

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