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Splurge vs. Save: Nursery Edition

Mama's let's be honest, the baby marketing ploys are HUGE. Every where you look you'll find something that you just "have" to have. But what exactly is worth the money, especially over the course of the item's lifetime, or for as long as baby, or you will use it?

SPLURGE on This: Rocker/Glider

I think parents underestimate how much time they will actually be in the rocker with baby. In between feedings, story time, late night cuddles, a rocker is my top item that I believe parents need to splurge on. But why a choose a rocker with a heftier price tag when there are cheaper rockers on the market that seem to offer comfort? Beyond the comfort standpoint, you also need to consider all of the messes that will surely happen while rocking your little one. Take in consideration a performance fabric, such as Crypton or Sunbrella, to easily clean up stains. In Collins's room, we cleaned up coffee, blood, spit up, milk, and poop all in less than a year, and her rocker still looks brand new.

Looking towards the future, and the investment one puts into a rocker, think about the amount of times you will read books with them as they transition into early childhood. You can also use the rocker in a younger sibling's room if you feel like the rocker is no longer needed. In addition, one could always use a comfy reading chair in the corner of your home. One day when Collins no longer needs the rocker in her room, we plan to transition the rocker into another place in our home to use for years to come.

  1. Bassett Corinna Swivel Glider 2. Babyletto Kai Rocker 3. Century Trent Swivel Glider 4. Delta Children Ella Rocker 5. West Elm Graham Glider

SPLURGE/SAVE on This: Crib... Depending on What Kind

One thing I have never understood is mini cribs or bassinets. For smaller rooms, I understand the valuable square footage they provide in a nursery, but the longevity of them being useful is short-lived. Save money and buy a full sized crib, and use a portable crib with a bassinet attachment when baby is staying in your room.

When it comes to splurging on a crib, be wise on WHY you are doing so. If it's to have a cute crib, and nothing else, that might not be the wisest idea. But if you spend just a little bit more on a convertible crib, you will have a bed for baby that will last from newborn to young child. Some cribs even transition into full sized beds, with the rails used as a headboard and a footboard.

  1. Sloan Acrylic Crib 2. Delta Farmhouse Crib 3. Crate and Barrel Hampshire Crib 4. Million Dollar Baby Abigail Crib 5. Kolcraft Elston Crib

SPLURGE/SAVE on This: Dresser and Changing Table

You don't need a changing table. To maximize square footage and storage, look into getting a dresser, and using a changing pad on top. You will get many more years out of the dresser than a changing table. But remember to safely secure the changing table to the dresser using the directions on the packaging. Also, make sure to get a wall anchor to keep the dresser from falling on baby when they start to climb. Also, look for a dresser that can grow with baby over the years. If you forgo the changing table, consider allocating that money to what you were going to budget for a dresser to get something made out of solid wood to enjoy for years to come.

Budget saving tip: If you're looking for a higher quality dresser, but need to dial back on spending, consider getting a second hand dresser from Facebook Marketplace and changing out the hardware for a fresh look! Anthropologie, Rejuvenation, and Top Knobs are a few of my favorite places to shop for fresh hardware.

SAVE on This: Organization

There are so many affordable options for storage these days. My personal favorite is using an under the bed storage bag to hide baby toys. I have also used drawer trays to separate hair bows, socks, and other small items, fabric bins in the closet for storage, and a short metal shelf in the closet as well. Places like Wal-Mart and Target are great options for affordable storage.

For other nursery inspiration, make sure to check out Tennyson's Pinterest page, as well as Instagram for the most current content!

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