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Wall Art Favorites

The right type of artwork is crucial in creating a cohesive space. But sometimes it can be hard to find the right piece that is unique and doesn't break the bank. Below, I've round up some of my favorite places to find wall art, as well as some suggestions for other creative ways to dress up your walls.

Minted is a fantastic source to find unique artwork, fit to your style and budget. What I love the most about Minted is that there are a variety of styles to choose from. On top of that, you can pick the size and frame to help give your piece a custom feel.

1. Porcelain Sky 2. Vanilla Palm 3. Domino Effect

Etsy has become one of my favorite places to shop for wall art. There are thousands of options to choose from to fit your style. I personally love looking for artwork that has sentimental meaning. For our daughter’s room, we picked out artwork of landscapes from Maui, as well as a giant stuffed whale to hang on her wall as a reminder of our trips. TIP: One of my favorite ways to save money on larger pieces of artwork is buying poster prints and hanging them using a poster hanger. You can get a lot of visual impact at the fraction of the cost of a framed piece. Here's the link to my favorite one.

Ebay is a treasure trove of all things home décor. You might have to do some digging, but you can find some great deals. Tip: Look for those that say “Best Offer.” You might even get to pay less than the asking price. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Facebook Marketplace is another place where you might have to search, but you can find items at a steal. One thing Facebook works off is an algorithm of the items you have saved. Over time, Marketplace will be more tailored to the items you are searching for. Still coming up with nothing? Try searching outside your area and saving items that you like from those locations. Once you change your location back to your zip code, the algorithm saves will still apply!

DISPLAY what you love//collect. Have a hat collection? Hang it up! Baskets? Hang those too! Ok… maybe don’t hang up everything, but a collection of items is a nice break in the monotony of frames.

1. Amazon 2. Harper's Bazaar, 3. Century Furniture

SPLURGE on a few sentimental pieces. When Jared and I first moved to Savannah, we visited an old vintage map store downtown. We came across this 24”x24” vintage map of Savannah. We bought it for next to nothing but ended up getting it custom framed. Did it cost more than buying a mass-produced map from online? Yes. But is a piece that we will keep in our home forever? Absolutely. Not every item in your home needs to cost a lot, but if you spend a little more on the items that hold special meaning to you, you will be more likely to always find a special place for them in your home, and over time you might find yourself with quite the collection.

MAKE IT PURPOSEFUL by creating a space that is equally beautiful as it is functional. Whether it is a large wall shelf with hooks for your keys and jacket, a organization station for your office, or bookshelves in your baby’s nursery, wall art doesn’t have to be confined to framed art.

1. and 2. Paper N Stitch Blog, 3. Domino

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